Commercial Locksmtih in San Jose, CA

Commercial Locksmith Services in San Jose

Golden Locksmith Pro offers excellent commercial locksmith services in the San Jose, CA. You get commercial installation services for new and existing companies. We also offer repair services to companies with faulty or broken locks. Lastly, the company offers emergency services to commercial business owners. You don’t have to worry about the time since we offer 24hr coverage for all your locksmith emergency needs.

Business Security in San Jose, CA

Business security is essential. You need excellent security service to ensure that you protect what is yours. We recommend that you assume complete responsibility for your security systems. The security system in place should cover your business, customers, shareholders, and employees. Similarly, Golden Locksmith Pro holds similar values when it comes to security service. We endeavor to provide quality locksmith services to commercial spaces on a contractual relationship. Our company accepts all contracts regardless of the size of the company. You can either have a small or big company. It doesn’t matter; all of our clients are treated with respect and offered similar quality of service. We provide our locksmith services to the following areas.
  1. Offices
  2. Retail premises
  3. Residential units
  4. Municipal buildings
  5. Storage units
  6. Garage
  7. Yards
  8. Commercial spaces
No need to worry if your property type is not listed. We provide our services to any type of business property that you have. Give us a call today! Golden Locksmith Pro develops unique customized solutions to all our customers. Our team of professionals work hard to ensure that they develop quality security options for your business. The tailored solution factors all your needs and develops quotations that meet your budget as well as the business needs before the installation. We perform installation, repair, or maintenance of the locks after approval of the quote. Transparency ensures that you are aware of everything taking place in your business premises.

Our esteemed customers prefer the following services:

  • High-security locks
  • Non-duplicable keys that require appropriate authorization
  • Access control system-repair, installation, keyless entry systems
  • Locking devices
  • Master keys solutions
  • Intercom systems

High-security locks are sophisticated lock systems that offer additional security to purchasers. The locks employ various measures to ensure that they resist manipulation and drastically increase the time taken to force entry.

High-security locks are recommended for individuals that wish to protect their items. Specifically, high-security locks help protect valuable items such as databases in companies or jewelry in museums. You don’t have to buy a high-end security lock if you live in a good area.

Combo locks require a long time and precision to pick. The use of a combination of numbers to pick a lock makes it hard for people to gain access to your property without an access code.

Using a door bolt in addition to your standard door lock makes it impossible for anyone to gain access into your home. Door bolt locks require an individual to have a key before they can gain access. Deadbolt doors do not use a spring in their parts to avoid the use of a card to gain access to a room.