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  • We help you select a lock that fits your needs and tastes. You can choose different items for your door security. Common items that most people go for include police lock, handle lock, lever handle, keyless lock, handle set, combination lock, doorknobs, top lock, deadbolt lock, mortise lock, and jimmy-proof lock.
  • Our company also helps you change different parts of your security doors. We offer changes of the following parts- ring pulls, door knockers, elbow catches, strikes, door stops, chain guards, door hooks, surface bolts, protection bars, and door holders.
  • We also extend our services beyond the main doors to include small doors inside your home. Particularly, we help change flush pulls, knobs, handles, mailbox, push and pull pales, roller catchers, magnetic catches, and cabinet locks.
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What is a deadbolt lock?

deadbolt lock in San Jose
Residential deadbolt lock in San Jose

A deadbolt lock offers advanced security measures to your door since it makes it hard for people to break in using a card or opened with a knife. The deadbolt lock uses a bolt activated by a thumb turn or key. The lack of a spring limits the chances of a break-in.

Are double key deadbolts legal?

Some states restrict the use of double key deadbolts because of fire-code restriction. The lock makes it hard for people to exit a room in case of a fire emergency. It’s impossible to get out of a room that has a double key deadbolt if you don’t have a key.

Can you easily replace a deadbolt?

You cannot replace a deadbolt lock without necessary equipment and tools. Replacing the lock requires lubricant, a screwdriver, and a lock. The deadlock has to align with the strike plates, screws, and cylinders. Similarly, when installing a new lock on a door, the tools are required and the tip applies.

Why does a deadbolt lock stick?

Lack of a lubricant is not usually the cause of a sticking deadbolt lock. Companies supply pre-lubricated locks to their customers. Consequently, the cause of the sticking lock can be internal. Check to ensure that the lock is aligned properly and the tolerance between the strike plate and the doorframe does not cause unnecessary friction.

Are chain door locks effective?

chain door
Get more secure for your premises.

The effectiveness of a chain door lock is highlighted when dealing with a stranger. The chain prevents access to strangers while you talk to them at the door. However, strangers can still force their way in but they end up leaving traces of a damaged door.

What are the most secure locks that prevent lock snapping?

If you are looking for anti-snapping locks, it’s best to go for euro locks. The cylinders of the locks prevent it from snapping into two. You don’t have to fear the lock being broken into two. The uPVC doors use these types of cylinders to offer security to owners. Commonly used locks include: –

  • Schlosser Technik Anti-Snap Euro Profile Cylinder Lock.
  • 45/50 Nickel Yale Superior Keyed-Alike Euro Cylinders
  • Yale 3535NKDHS Anti SNAP Lock, Nickel
  • Avocet ABS High-Security Euro Cylinder Anti Snap Lock

How to make your door lock more secure?

If you wish to improve the security of your door, there are certain things that you can do. Ensure that you replace the screws on the hinges with 3-inch screws. Furthermore, change the screws used on the metal plates for your door frame.

You also have to use solid doors to ensure that they can’t be broken. A solid door is heavy and not hollow at the center. The door offers more security and cannot get kicked down in one swoop. The added security ensures that any person wishing to break in a place requires specific tools to get in. Tools such as axes cause a significant commotion, making it hard for strangers to break into your home unheard or noticed.

What is a latch protector?

A latch protector is a unique invention that adds extra security to your latch bolt. The protector avoids break-ins and are installed in common latch bolt doors.

What is a mortise style lock?

A mortise lock is a three-part lock that requires a hole to be cut at the center of the door to provide extra security. The lock is fitted at the center of the door and secured by the latches on both sides of the door.

Difference between mortise and tubular locks?

Mortise locks have the steel box and bolt encased into one hole while a tubular lock has two separate holes, one for the deadbolt and the other for the latch bolt.

Can you open a mortise lock?

Mortise locks are extremely difficult to open but it can be done; hence, they might cost you more if you call a professional locksmith to help you out.

What is a locking mailbox?

A locking mailbox works in a similar manner to door locks. The locking mailbox helps protect your mail from thieves who wish to spy on your private information or steal your identity. The post officer delivers the mail through a door and the mail is secured in the mailbox. You can only access the mailbox if you have the keys to the mailbox.

Drilling out a mailbox lock?

In case you lose your keys to the locking mailbox, you can still get access by opening the mailbox. You need a drill and a screwdriver to help in the proves. You use the drill to loosen the lock by drilling around the lock. Gradually the lock loosens and you feel it turn as you drill the front part of the locking mailbox. Continued drilling completely loosens the lock or makes the front part of the locking mailbox fall. You then use a screwdriver to open the lock. Once you get access to your mail, ensure that you replace the lock with a new to enforce the security of your locking mailbox. Once all the nuts are tightened and the new lock is firmly in place, insert the key and test if the new lock works. Close the locking mailbox and congratulate yourself.

Can I get mail in my broken mailbox?

The post office ensures that it communicates with its customers to provide seeming less service. You might get a call to inform you that your mailbox is being held until it’s replaced or repaired. Post offices do not deliver mail to broken mailboxes.